Ordering Information:

1.  Please note that using PayPal means that all payments can be made in £ sterling regardless of where the order originates. 

2Postage charges are different depending on the card weight and size.  This is reflected in the prices shown.

3.  If you live outside the UK, please contact me by email for an accurate postage charge - prices shown are only estimates.  Payment would then be preferable by personal PayPal payments - please email for information prior to ordering if unsure.

4.  Refunds will only be provided where cards are returned as being defective,  or proof is given of other problems with the order.

5,     Current postage charges range from:

$1 - $2.00    -    $3.25 per card

$2 - $3.00    -    $3.75 per card

$3 - $4.00    -    $4.25 per card.

Over $4.00    -   $4.75 per card.

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